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 How to Work with CICC in China?

By Sunny Side Community Manager, March 4th, 2015, Asian Side of the Doc 2015

Question: What experiences of national or international co-productions have you had over the past two years?

Shuiqing JING: As a public institution, CICC has a mandate to produce documentaries on China and to promote their broadcasting abroad. Our production team has been working for the past 20 years and has gained considerable experience in international co-production with Discovery, National Geographic and the History Channel, among others. Our catalogue contains more than 1500 hours of programmes broadcast in 200 countries or regions around the world. This means that the world knows and can discover China in a different way. Our co-production experiences can be summed up in 4 points:

  1. Continuing the ¡°win-win¡± principle: all our international co-productions are based on the principles of joint creation, mutual investment, and shared rights. I.e., from the beginning of conception through shooting to final broadcasting, we scrupulously follow international procedures.
  2. Focusing on Chinese subjects: to satisfy the requirements of different audiences, our choice of subjects remains very varied, such as History and Geography, Culture and Tradition, Nature, Landscape and Contemporary China with its remarkable development. Our programmes, in differing lengths and formats, are bespoke productions for our distributers, while still being suitable for different religions and cultures around the world.
  3. Strengthening our quality and building our brand image: throughout our work with Discovery and National Geographic, we have developed series such as ¡°Man Made Marvels¡±, ¡°Mega Structure¡± and ¡°Invite Mr Wright¡±, which are flagship programmes for CICC, and which have been very well received around the world.
  4. Experimenting actively with the latest technologies: CICC works with the very latest equipment, we have already used 3D and 4K cameras for our shoots, meaning documentary films such as ¡°China Revealed¡± and ¡°Secrets of Shaolin with Jason Scott Lee¡± could be born in 3D. We used specific cameras for aerial shots in the film ¡°China from Above¡±, which provided impressive images showing a bewitching China.
Shuiqing JING, Vice President of CICC

Shuiqing JING, Vice President of CICC


Question:  What will you be looking for at Asian Side of the Doc in Xiamen?

Shuiqing JING: In 2014, CICC took part in Asian Side of the Doc in Chengdu. Not only did we have a booth, but we also organised several panels and meetings. The participants were very enthusiastic, and documentary institutions and producers from the four corners of the world had an opportunity to get to know CICC better.

This year in Xiamen, many of us will be there to promote major new projects, and we would like to meet producers, media and production companies, from China or abroad, with a view to initiating innovative projects.

Asian Side of the Doc has been in Asia for a number of years now, and its influence is increasing. We hope that this event will become a platform for exchanges, collaborations and information between China, the Asian documentary family and the rest of the world.

Question: What are you expecting from the next edition of Sunny Side of the Doc (22-25 June 2015), that you will be taking part in?

Shuiqing JING: Sunny Side of the Doc is an unmissable international market. CICC gives it a great deal of importance, and every year sends a team to work on promotional events. We have forged a very solid partnership with the organiser. Next June there will be a good number of CICC representatives at Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle. We are hoping to launch fascinating projects thanks to encounters with our fellow documentary makers from the whole world over.

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